Rider Rules 

We are excited for you to ride the bus with us! When riding, please follow these simple rules to ensure a safe and easy ride for yourself and other passengers.

1. Do not have distracting conversations with or distract the bus driver in any way.


2. Please have the correct fare or punch card ready when boarding the bus.


3. Smoking cigarettes (including cigars & e-cigarettes) and/or drinking alcohol is not allowed on the bus. Passengers under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs will not be permitted to ride.


4. Animals are not allowed on the bus, except for service animals.


5. Vulgar language, disruptive/dangerous behavior, and fighting are not allowed.


6. Drivers are only allowed to wait a maximum of 5 minutes after scheduled pick-up time for any passenger. Please be ready at the appropriate time.


7. Van (Little Joe) Riders Only: Riders seated in the front seat are required by WI State Law to wear a seat belt.


8. Do your part to keep the bus a pleasant and clean environment.

9. Turn off portable radio or tape/cd players or use headphones so the sound is limited to the individual user.

10. No personal errand stops are allowed. Once you leave the bus you will pay a new fare.

* Repeated or serious incidents of inappropriate behavior may lead to suspension/revocation of riding privileges. *

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